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HALO Home Services

At HALO home services and our green termite treatments are not just about a particular chemical like Orange Oil or Boric Acid. It’s about execution. HALO Home Services has recruited and trained the best technicians in the industry because skill is the key to success. All of our treatments are family friendly and we spare no expense to give you complete control. Our customers know that we are the best termite company in Southern and Northern California. We are happy to announce our 5 star rating throughout California. Call today for a FREE inspection and $200 off our exclusive PREMIER protection plan. 

HALO Home Services inspections 

Termite inspections are completed by Licensed inspectors that have over 10,000 hours real life experience. Get the best and see the difference for yourself. Our customers attest to the quality of our inspections by giving us 5 stars everywhere on the internet. Our reputation for quality, from the *free inspection, to the execution of work, speaks for it’s self. We begin on the outside creating a scale drawing of the home. Next we do light probing to find where all the termites are hiding under the surface of the wood and then we check the attack, garage and sub-area. Finally we will sit down with you to discuss all of your options and answer all of your questions. 

The Real Difference 

HALO is committed to science driven results provided by university and government studies. From the way that we drill and treat, the products we use and the skill of our technicians we get results 

Call Halo home services today to schedule your *free inspection. Need more information? Click Info@halotermite.com
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When it comes to termite treatments you are in good hands with Halo Home Services


Family Friendly Termite Treatments Intelligently Done


We have been innovating solutions for over a decade. Our experience and attention to details keeps us evolving toward better methods and products in order to keep our customers safe. We use university and Government studies to determine the best possible solutions.


All of Our Services
Include A Minimum of
2-Year Warranty

  • Our warranty includes both existing termite infestations and any new termite infestations.
  • We have an annual renewal program that can be renewed each year after the initial warranty period.
  • Our warranty can be transferred to a new owner.
  • While under warranty there is no charge for a termite clearance if you sell your property.
2 Years warranty


HALO Home Services
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