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Rodent control in Anaheim

Rodent control is important in keeping many diseases at bay in Huntington Beach. If rodents are entering the structure they could be getting into your attic. Attic cleaning is instrumental in getting control of any infestation. Attic clean ups is only part of the multifaceted system known as HRX.

A major reason for the rise of Rodent infestation in Anaheim is the drought. According to rodents are more aggressive than ever. They are climbing trees to get to bird baths and breaking into homes to get to water source.

Rodents enter Anaheim homes through the attic or sub-area through holes as small as your pinky. once in they use the walls as a highway to travel during foraging activity. Every home with rodents falls into one of two categories. They are either "pass through", meaning that the rodents only use the home for travel shelter, or they are "Nesting sites".

Pass Through

In "Pass through" homes the rodents are traveling from an offsite nesting area close by in search for food. While in their travels however, rats urinate and defecate along their entire path. The urine and feces contaminates the insulation with whatever pathogens the rodent could be carrying at the time. An average rat can urinate up to a gallon every six weeks, leaving your insulation soaked. If left unchecked the insulation will begin to effect whatever it is touching including the drywall ceiling. Its not uncommon for us to find the stain in the ceiling to be a result of rodent urine.

Rat Nesting

Then there are what we call a "Nesting site". Anaheim homes  get all the problems of the "pass through" with all the problems of an ever growing family of rodents. They burrow into the insulation for warmth and begin to procreate. Rats are sexually mature at 5 weeks old, in heat constantly and give birth to litters 6-13 in size. There is no wait time between birth and a rats readiness for pregnancy again. Colonies of rats grow exponentially.

Rat population in Anaheim

One litter of 13 rats, half male and half female, will be ready to procreate in 5 weeks. Assume 6 mothers who give birth another 6 mothers each in 6 weeks. In less than 2 months you could have 36 mothers and 36 fathers running in search of food, urinating and defecating on insulation. In another 6-8 weeks that number could grow to 78 or more mothers and around 78 fathers.

Math time: One pregnant rat in 5 weeks could give birth to 13 more rats. Assume a split in gender. 6 mothers X 13 litter = 78. Assume a split in gender. 39 new mothers X 13 = 507 new babies. Assume a split in gender. 253.5 new mothers X 13 = 3295.5 new rats. Assume a split in gender that’s 1647.75 new mothers X 13 in a litter = 21,420.75 new rats. Remember back to our urine calculation? 21,420.75 GALLONS of urine every 6 weeks. Get the idea? All in about 6 months. CRAZY!

One rat can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. If they don't chew on the wiring, possibly causing a fire, or get inside your air ducts they will procreate to the point of utter insanity destroying the insulation and drywall and contaminating the attic and walls.

Rat Trapping

There are a lot of companies around Anaheim that can trap rats for you. Placing bait on a trap and leaving it for an unsuspecting rodent isn't as easy as it sounds. Rats are smart, habit bound creatures, and will not approach things that are not already common to them. Rat trapping is the industries way of telling you to pay them $60 a month for a service they know will never come to an end. Rat trapping is not the solution.

Rat Poison

Rat poison in Anaheim is also on the rise. I expect the attempt to come from home owners but I am very discouraged to see it coming from otherwise professionals. When Anaheim residence use companies that throw out a bunch of poison all they get is rats dying inside their walls. Rats stink when they die and the stink lingers for weeks.

These are the practices of the common rat exterminator. Old school practices that keep their businesses going by charging you a monthly fee for the rest of your life. Consider the math we did earlier. An exponential rat population means that we will always have work and you will always have rats. Unless you call HALO.

Rat Proofing in Anaheim

Rat proofing Huntington Beach, for us at HALO, is not so much a job as much as it is a ministry. If you don't keep the rats from getting inside your home and removing the reason they would want to come back, you could be in great danger. Rat proofing can be your answer if it's done by the right people.


Learn how HRX has changed rodent proofing forever.

Attic Cleaning
FREE Inspection

HALO Rodent Exclusion

1) Inspection

      A full inspection will create a plan of action and a             road map to gaining control.

2) Exclude

      We will use our road map to seal off every                           possible entry point that a rat could use to get inside       the home.

3) Sanitize

      This step will help us begin erasing their pheromone       scent and eliminating pathogens. 

4) Clean Out

      Urine filled insulation will need to be removed from         the attic. Often times, depending on the amount of         time the rodents have been there, it will all need to           be removed.

5) Trapping

      We will you different strategies to make sure that             we gain control quickly and that no rats are left                 behind.

6) Restore

      Once we know that rats are no longer living rent free       in your home we can restore insulation to standard         R-30 value.

HALO Rodent Exclusion (HRX) is the only, all encompassing  rodent exclusion system designed to give you your house back. We use construction grade material to skillfully seal the rodents out using several strategies to gain control fast.

Rodent control is HALO-RX!

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