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This FACBOOK Offer Won't Last

HALO offers a wide variety of termite treatment options. Our 'ADVANCE' and 'SERAPH' control and prevention systems are designed to get maximum results without the move out hassle.

We also offer tenting and heating options

to control all types of pests. 

Congratulations! You have claimed your 15% off but lets start with a FREE inspection. Our office will call you to find a good date. No obligation to buy.

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These are dry wood termite reproductive termites. During the months between August and October, if the weather permits, they will swarm from mature colonies to start new ones. 

If you are seeing these at your home you have already had termites for many years. Now is the time to make arrangements to eliminate them.

Call us today!

Halo home services has created a name for themselves as developing some of the industries premier rodent and termite services. Now save 15% off when you "Like" us on Facebook.

Our rodent exclusion services use only construction grade materials to seal entry points to solve the rodent problem once and for all. No exhausting trapping month after month without results. 

Our green termite treatments have been a huge hit for families that don't want to move out of their homes or bag their food. Our Signature services were designed with ultimate control in mind. 

*10% off competitor proposal is based on an apples to apples service comparison including adequate product quality and all insurance, bond and workers compensation requirements. 

Big savings from a 5 star company

We are 5 star because we care. As the termite and rodent service industry develops we want to make sure that we provide top quality work at an honest price. We are committed to making you happy and providing work that you can be proud of. Compare us to any other company and see the difference. For a very short time we will take 15% off any bid for termite, rodent or general pest services. Test us and see.

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