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Orange Oil Termite Control an Alternative Termite Solution

Orange oil products contain the active ingredient d-limonene. D-limonene is extracted from the rinds of oranges, and it’s the same chemical found in many household products. Orange oil is also used in the manufacturing of resins, cleaning compounds, and as a fragrance additive in many products. 

The original orange oil's chemical name is XT-2000. 

PROS for using Orange Oil
  • It is a naturally occurring chemical

  • It smells like oranges

  • It kills on contact

  • It does not leave a residual

    • This is a pro because of its highly flammable nature. You don't want it in your home any longer than it needs to be.​

  • Its great for very small jobs where the infestation is accessible

  • No moving out

  • No bagging food 

  • No boarding pets

CONS of using Orange Oil
  • It is high maintenance

  • A gallon is required for all homes
  • ​There is no residual

    • Termites can return to the same piece of wood within a couple of weeks​

  • It can be flammable if contacted with a spark or electricity.

  • The mortality rate, according to university studies in conjunction with the SPCB, is only 50% 



Our SIGNATURE termite treatment systems are designed to cater to home owners who do not want to tent their homes, bag their food, move out and board pets. Our area treatments are a combination of highly skilled technicians using advanced chemical technology. 

PROS for using HALO PRO
  • Chemicals no more toxic than an aspirin

  • Less drilling means less damage to home

  • The termites spread it to each other over about a 3 week period. 

  • 100% Mortality

  • Long term residual protection

  • No moving out

  • No Bagging food

  • No Boarding pets

  • 50% Less water than conventional treatments

  • Odorless

  • Great for any size job


The products we use are a combination of Termidor and BoraCare. While these are industry standard products our team uses them with above industry standard training protocols. 

While we recognize the role Orange Oil has played in the industry, its forced chemical companies to develop products that home owners will accept. That to us is a good thing. We simply choose not to use it for the reasons listed. 

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