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HALO PREMIER is the no holds barred, all wood pest solution, which has changed the way homeowners look at Termite treatments. PREMIER was developed with over a decade of ,in field research, and customer interactions. It is the only proven method of treatment on the market today that kills and protects the property against all wood destroying pests including…

  • Dry wood termites
  • Subterranean termites
  • Formosan termites
  • Wood boring beetles
  • Carpenter ants
  • Carpenter bees 

The difference is seen from the very start. Our Universal Pest Inspection (UPI) enables us to identify all pests that could be a problem for the property. From ants to wood destroying fungus and everything that invites them, we offer the most insightful perspective on the property in the industry. We want to know what pests are here or what would make them want to come; from foundation to roof. Where are they getting in and how can we stop them.

Once we have determined the issues we go into action.

  • Actively drill and inject into every Drywood Termite colony. As the product is injected, the Drywood Termites will begin to spread the product through the entire colony. By using their grooming, eating and other behaviors against them we move our way to the queen. Once the queen is dead (2-3 weeks) the Termite colony is gone.
  • Cover all the Termite droppings. Droppings are covered to indicate a treated area.
  • We will treat the soil around the entire perimeter of the home to kill and control Subterranean Termites. By trenching, rodding and injecting or by drilling and injecting, every 18 inches around the entire perimeter, we control the aggressive, 750,000+ member colony, from further destroying the property.
  • Backed by a minimum 2-year warranty.
  • Qualifies for the annual extension so that you can have peace of mind long into the future.

HALO PREMIER is the most cost effective method for protecting your home long term against all wood destroying pests. Call today to schedule your inspection and see why so many people are using HALO’S PREMIER to protect their homes.

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