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Construction Grade Rodent Exclusion That Honors the Look of Your Home


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The best rodent exclusion and attic clean out company in Southern California

One of HALO'S owners was instrumental in developing and initiating solutions like this when no one else did. 15 years ago companies only trapped rodents focusing on the symptom not the solution. NOW HALO'S highly talented technicians, using the industries strongest construction grade materials, will keep rodents out for good. Call us now to book your FREE consultation. The internet has spoken! HALO is the best rodent exclusion and attic clean out company in Southern California. If you want your rodents gone call us now!

HRX (Halo Rodent Exclusion)

Rodent Control in California

Our rodent control specialists, armed with your inspector's diagram of the property, will remove rats and mice from your California home and business by sealing up all entry points with commercial grade materials, laying down traps and sanitizing infected areas. This will help eliminate the pheromones that rodents use to find their way back to your home time and time again.

3 Reasons rats are bad for your home
  1. Electrical hazards
    Rodents can chew and bite through electrical wires which may cause appliances and switches to short circuit or become a fire hazard.

  2. Health hazards
    Rodents contaminate homes with their hair, feces and urine which can spread gastrointestinal diseases (Salmonellosis or E-coli infections) and respiratory diseases (Hantavirus). The rat flea has been an important agent of transmission for Plague and Murine typhus.

  3. Property damage
    Rodents can burrow and gnaw through home property items as well as pipes which may result in further home damage.

The best is often imitated


The HALO art of rodent exclusions is found in its simplicity. Highly qualified technicians with construction experience sealing up holes at the exterior of the home. There is simply no other rodent exclusion company in Southern California that does what we do. Highly skilled inspectors and technicians using construction grade materials to protect your home from rodents. Call today for a free inspection.

2 fold inspection protocol for maximum efficacy. 1st the inspector will draw a scale diagram of the home and note all entry points. 2nd the technician will continue to search for other entry points while executing the HX program. This inspection redundancy gives us the highest success rate in Southern California. 

Best Material a company can offer. Maximum security comes with the best materials. Our highly talented technicians will seal off all rodent entry points with the finest construction grade materials the industry has to offer. That is the HALO commitment to quality.

Did we mention our Ridiculously talented crews? They execute work with stellar professionalism. Have I mentioned how good our technicians are? Our services are great because of the people who do them. We have the highest trained individuals in California and their quality of work proves it. 

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