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Kanae W.

Really happy with the service we received from Halo Home Services for our termite issues! I was scheduled quickly and easily with the office, Josh (our inspector) was very friendly, informative, and thorough with his inspection--suggesting the services he felt were most important while not over-inflating any issues--and then our service technician Corey was great (showing up on time and as expected, very thorough treatment provided, friendly and jovial plus communicative about his service process). Overall the team was enjoyable to work with, we felt well-informed, and would easily use this company again for any of our termite services. Talk about taking a stressful situation (termites) and turning it into a solutioned situation (inspection + service).


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ALL of our other YELP reviews

Below are all of the yelp reviews we have earned over the past few years. These would fall under their "not recommended" portion of the YELP site. What does "Un-recommended" mean? It means that these nice people are not seen, by YELP, as being active yelp users.  Having done work for them we can tell you that they are passionate about HALO. They may not spend a lot of time on YELP but they seem to like us just fine. 

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